Job Development

CNA Training Program

RTM is beginning a Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program. In cooperation with a local health training institute and health centers in St. Louis, RTM is helping those individuals seeking a career in the healthcare industry.

For more information please email Pastor Worku Geremew at : or call: 314-520-3049.


One of the struggles we have in our area is the fact that many refugee families come to Saint Louis and soon are faced with the need to provide for their families. We know for a fact that job creation for these families is a huge need in our community. We have tried to work with other companies to provide suitable jobs to these families; however, due to very limited English and skills, these private companies cannot provide the time, training, and effort it takes to incorporate this community in the work force.

RT Cleaning Services


Many of our families are hard working, decent people who simply cannot speak enough English. To help train these families for their job we have started a program to train and employ refugees in cleaning and house keeping. We need to train these workers through translation and English lessons, so that they can be effective in their work. Cleaning does not require a lot of English knowledge other than on the job training. The Refugees will be trained for six weeks in various janitorial aspects and we will provide the expense for their training. Once they are trained they will be assigned to a job which will help them provide for their families.


Wood Work

Wood Work

Through our partnership with Reclaim Renew we are training people in wood working to build and renew furniture. Reclaim Renew specializes in reclaiming wood and other materials from dismantled barns and other sources and creating beautiful and unique furniture with a rustic and weathered look. Please find out more by visiting: