CHALLENGES, CHOICES, AND CHANGES Worku, Becca, Sammy & Hannah`s News Letter

Dear Friends,

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded” 2 Chronicles 15:7

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! I can`t believe I have been living in the US for 15 years. One thing I learned throughout this years is the God who was faithful when I was in Africa in the ups and downs of ministry, is the same God who has led me in the midst of confusion, ups and downs, cultural shock, the valleys of ministry, and the ups of God`s victory. In all of the challenges that are silent God was there, in all the choices myself, my family, and the ministry was making God was saying: “Be Still and Know I am your God”. In all of the changes myself, family and the ministry have had to make, God`s love and faithfulness were there. I am always surprised and every year more humbled how God decided to work with and in me. One thing I know for sure is God has been and continues to be here befriending the broken and the despised. Praise his name!

12 people came to Christ in the last year through the work God has been doing, We are hoping to have 24 people who are not believers to come to Christ and be discipled in this coming year! Pray for us!

We are still waiting to finish the process with the Charter School please pray for us. We need to raise more money for the construction.

We have put 44 people to work last year thanks for the help from First Free Church. We are working on trying to set up a discipleship group with these people and those who will be part of this program. We are working more on the job development program. When I was in Ethiopia my First job was teaching English to my dear Friend Steve Strauss who went to The Lord this past year. Steve came to me and showed me in Christ I have dignity through that sense of working and making money for myself. That core value is what is leading us to show that Christ is meeting the poor in the inner city of St Louis by showing them he is their honor and dignity.  They love Christ and come to him because he is real and eternal and called his Church to face the sinful consequences and matter of the heart issues of poverty with the power of the gospel. Our job development program sees jobs as a matter of character and  reason to see the gospel not only a matter of skill please pray for this program.

As part of mainly Youth Job development program, for our Soccer team we are trying to expanding the house cleaning to commercial cleaning to have more jobs please pray for that and if you have any leads let us know.

We just are in the process of starting a recycling and resale shop. We would like to recycle clothes that can not be sold but also set up a shop to resale the clothes to bring some revenue to the ministry. We raised 30{0beb0f951442b0eac9a155dabff123a404c462e87db4e75cfec184dde7d7a630} of what we need please pray for the rest.

Another part of Job development program is our partnership with Reclaim and Renew. Reclaim and Renew does a furniture company owned by my gracious friend Barry Craft. It will help us hire more of our people if you or others visit them when you have a furniture need.

Please visit our face book page and website regularly for all of the above informations.

I have a lot to say but I will stop here as I write this from my beautiful office set up by my friends Ed and Janet Pollasch who blessed me  in many ways. There were so many challenges in this past year that made us some important choices and changes. We know for sure God is encouraging  all of us and myself in the trenches of ministry for there is a reward that is enduring and eternal. Thank you for being that part of an answer to prayer and dear friends to me!

I love you All,